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What strategies are you using to attract top talents?

In a year of constant disruption, the job market has had the most up and downs, reflecting that even the most progressive companies have had to think on their feet. On the other side, the world is digital and data-driven, so companies need the best digital and tech skills to enhance a competitive edge. This is why we are experiencing the most challenging time to hire top I.T. talents.

Recruitment isn’t just about tick boxes for skillsets. It’s also about culture fit and personal development too! Most of the candidates want to be able to join an organisation where they can share their interests and personal goals. Some of them have a strong focus on lifestyle and culture. Companies need to find different ways to reward excellent through career progression. A lot of the brightest and sharpest minds want to retain their skills and be respected. Not all of them want to be made a manager. It can take away from what they most enjoy.

There are many things I would like to add here, and I am keen to learn what strategies are you using to attract top talents?

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