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How to work with the passive candidate

Passive recruiting is all about why a position is the best possible fit for them. Recruiters are trying to convince them that the grass really is greener on the other side. Here is how we work with the passive candidate:

Learn more about your candidate:

· What could we offer them that their current employer cannot?

· What is their experience, and why does it make them a perfect fit for this role?

· Why this offer is a career progression opportunity for them?

· What’s the popular technology trend that will increase candidates' market value if they choose to work on it?

Salary negotiation

We would agree that money is not everything, and even offering a high salary won’t do all the talking. But it is by no means the sole deciding factor for job seekers, and salary will always remain an important thing for candidates. The offer has to be at least in line with industry benchmarks.

Flexible working

Time has changed. In the new age of hybrid working, this will be a vital factor for candidates to consider. This is a unique style of working to secure, retain new talent moving forward.

Demonstrate knowledge of the new company, people, and culture

We should know the company’s brand, values, people and structure when discussing an opportunity with passive candidates. Positive feedback from our previous candidates could become a decisive factor in the hunt for passive candidates. Our communication is integral to making us stand out in the industry.

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